Idioms ที่ใช้บ่อย ที่ค้นหาบ่อย 100 คำ

1A Babe In The WoodsWhat do you know? You are just a babe in the woods
2Have Something Down PatDid you memorize the speech? Reply: I''ve got it down pat.
3A Slap On The WristHe should be in jail for what he did, but he got off with just a slap on the wrist.
4You Can't Please EveryoneJen is quite upset that she did not get the job. Reply: Well, you can't please everyone.
5Method To My MadnessGive me a moment to explain; there is method to my madness.
6A Change Of PaceWhat would you like me to make for dinner? Reply: Let's have sushi, for a change of pace.
7Drastic Times Call For Drastic MeasuresSales have been slow and we had to let go three of our employees; drastic times call for drastic measures.
8Keep A Stiff Upper LipNo matter what happens, I want you to keep a stiff upper lip.
9The Best Of Both WorldsYou can either get up early tomorrow and get a lot of work done, or you can stay out late tonight and have fun with your friends, but you can't have the best of both worlds.
10A Breath Of Fresh AirI love having this new student in my class. His positive attitude is a breath of fresh air.
11The Squeaky Wheel Gets The OilEvery time that baby cries, they just run around and give him whatever he wants. Reply: The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
12The Sky Is The LimitFor people who work hard at this company, the sky's the limit.
13No Pain, No GainTo play at that level, you are going to have to practice all of the time, you know. Reply: No pain, no gain.
14The Writing On The WallAt that point, the writing was on the wall; we all knew the company was going out of business.
15Can't Cut The MustardDid you hear that Williams got fired? Reply: Yes. He couldn't cut the mustard.
16Fixed In Your WaysI tried many different things when I was young, but I'm older now and more fixed in my ways.
17Bend Over BackwardsWe bent over backwards to help him, and he never even thanked us!
18I'd Give My Right Arm For ThatI would give my right arm for a car like that.
19Back The Wrong HorseWho did you bet on in the superbowl? Reply: Arizona. Answer: Ouch. You backed the wrong horse.
20A Chip On Your ShoulderHe lost his game this morning, and now he has a chip on his shoulder.
21A Lost CauseMy uncle Bob fails at everything he does. He is a lost cause.
22If You Can't Beat Them, Join ThemWhen did you change teams? Reply: Hey: If you can't beat them, join them.
23Lost His HeadI got so angry yesterday. I completely lost my head.
24Give Him The SlipQuick- there is a police car behind us; let's give him the slip!
25Under The GunEveryone at the office has been under the gun since this new manager arrived.
26Take A NapEvery day after lunch my grandfather takes a nap.
27Can't Help But Do SomethingWhen she said that, I couldn't help but laugh.
28Down To The WireWhat a close race. Reply: It's down to the wire.
29Crying Over Spilled MilkWe came so close. Really. We almost won that game! Reply: There's no use crying over spilled milk.
30Don't Burn Your BridgesOn his last day on the job he got in a huge fight with his boss. Answer: Why would he want to go burning his bridges like that? Someday he might want to work there again.
31Over My HeadDid you get that last question on the test? Reply: No, it was over my head.
32Take The Bull By The HornsThat was a tough situation. Thanks for taking the bull by the horns.
33A Bird's Eye ViewThis photo, taken from an airplane, gives you a bird's eye view.
34If It's Not One Thing, It's AnotherFirst the car broke down, and now I can't find my keys! If it's not one thing, it's another!
35The Ball Is In Your CourtThe seller has offered us the house for $250,000; the ball is in our court. What should we do?
36What goes around comes aroundWhat goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way back aroundกงเกวียนกำเกวียน
37A Bitter Pill To SwallowSpending a week in the psychiatric hospital was a bitter pill to swallow, but Jake really needed to do it.
38Off Again, On AgainWith this rain today, our baseball game has been off again, on again.
39Wear Your Heart On Your SleeveShe is kind of player who never hides how she's feeling. One look at her and you know if she's winning or losing. Reply: She wears her heart on her sleeve.
40Bad Blood Between PeopleMy brother and I haven't spoken since childhood. There is a lot of bad blood between us.
41A Bed Of RosesWorking here is no bed of roses.
42Doing Your HomeworkJohn is an excellent lawyer. He always does his homework.
43Pack A PunchDon't fight with him. He can really pack a punch.
44Fair GameRyan is getting out of the car here, so the front seat is fair game.
45Set Someone Or Something On FireWhat set him on fire? Reply: I don't know. He's been this way all morning.
46To be in good handsอยู่ภายใต้การดูแลหรือคุ้มครองที่ดี
47Generous To A FaultMy grandfather's was generous to a fault. He gave away all of his money. Reply: But he did help a lot of people.
48A Bundle Of NervesI have to give a speech tomorrow, and I am a bundle of nerves.
49Protest Too MuchYou do like that girl, don't you? Answer: No! I don't! Not at all! Why do you think so? Reply: You protest too much. #Protest too much comes from Hamlet by William Shakespeare; the Queen speaking: The lady doth protest too much, methinks. (Note: people do not usually use the word methinks when they are speaking English today.) To protest too much is to insist so passionately about something not being true that people suspect the opposite of what you are saying.
50Jump Through HoopsWhy haven't you opened your restaurant yet? Reply: They have us jumping through hoops to get the license.
51Above AverageAre you a very good tennis player? Reply: I'm above average.
52In DisguiseDid that octopus just change color? Reply: Yes. He's in disguise.
53A Diamond In The RoughHave you spoken with Jean before? Isn't she a diamond in the rough.
54Sleep InI won't be at the early meeting tomorrow. I'm sleeping in.
55Great Minds Think AlikeI was just thinking to call you, then the phone rang and it was you calling me. Reply: Great minds think alike.
56Misery Loves CompanyShe's not happy, so she wants the rest of us to suffer too! Reply: Misery loves company.
57Earn One's KeepYou did a lot of work today. Reply: I'm just earning my keep.
58In The DarkDid you understand question number three? Answer: Not at all, I was totally in the dark.
59In The Heat Of The MomentYou never really know for sure what you will do in the heat of the moment.
60Take Someone Under One's WingsThis new gal at the office is doing so well, now that Terry has taken her under her wings.
61Breaking The NewsIt is the goal of every great reporter to break the news.
62Bite Your Head OffI'm sorry you had a bad day, but you don't have to bite my head off.
63Wine And DineHow was your business trip? Answer: Great- they wined and dined us all week.
64Its Anyone's CallWho do you think will win this election? Answer: Its anyone's call.
65The Squeeky Wheel Gets The OilEvery time that baby cries, they just run around and give him whatever he wants. Reply: The squeeky wheel gets the oil.
66You Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch YoursI would really appreciate it if you introduce me to him... You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
67A Case In PointJane called. She will be late for this morning's meeting. Reply: Case in point. We really cannot rely on her.
68Beating A Dead HorseI'd like to talk with you again about what happened. Reply: Oh, come on. Let's not beat a dead horse.
69Second NatureShe started playing the piano when she was very young; now it is like second nature to her.
70Don't Count Your Chickens (Until They've Hatched)Do you think that Bill is going to offer you a promotion this month? Reply: I won't count my chickens until they have hatched.
71Down To EarthYour brother is great. He's so down to earth.
72Down The StreetWhere does your grandmother live? Reply: She's just down the street.
73The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good IntentionsReally, I never meant to hurt anybody... Reply: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
74Sit In On SomethingDo you mind if I sit in on your class?
75Lend Me Your EarCould you lend me your ear for a minute? I need to talk with you about something.
76Idle Hands Are The Devil's ToolsMy mother taught me that children should always be kept busy; idle hands are the devil's tools!
77A Blessing In DisguiseWhen I first lost that job, I was upset. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
78For LifeDid you know that wolves mate for life?
79A Standing OfferYou have a standing offer to join us for dinner whenever you like.
80An Axe To GrindTell your brother that I have an axe to grind with him!
81Don't Put All Your Eggs In One BasketMy father is a very careful investor; he never puts all of his eggs in one basket.
82Fresh Out Of SomethingSorry, but we are fresh out of tomatoes.
83Before You Know ItEnjoy your freedom! Before you know it, you'll be married and settling down with children.
84A Dream Come TrueBecoming a movie star was a dream come true.
85Beating A Path To Your DoorI don't see anyone beating a path to your door.
86If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix ItYou think Tiger Woods should change his golf swing? Are you kidding? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
87Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy, And WiseAll of his life, my grandfather went to bed early and got up with the sun. Reply: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.
88Old As The HillsI love your grandfather's house. It's as old as the hills.
89Go Sky HighHave you seen the price of milk lately? It has gone sky high.
90Roll Out The Red CarpetOur most important client will be in town tomorrow, so let's all roll out the red carpet and take him out to dinner.
91Fish For SomethingYou keep asking where I was last night. What are you fishing for?
92Practice Makes PerfectSee how fast you are getting better at the piano? Practice makes perfect.
93Icing On The CakeToday I was promoted to head of the department! And they decided to raise my pay! Answer: Wow! Icing on the cake!
94Take It On The ChinJohn totally attacked her during that presentation, but she just took it on the chin.
95People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw StonesLook at that shirt you are wearing! Did you buy that back in the '80s?! Answer: Hey, you're not so young yourself; people who live in glass houses should not throw stones!
96Rome Was Not Built In One DayAre you still working on that same painting? Answer: Hey! Rome was not built in one day!
97Burning The Candle At Both EndsWould you like to go to a party tonight? Reply: I can't. I'm way too tired. I've been burning the candle at both ends all week.
98Dart In And OutIs Jean around the office? Reply: Yes, she has been darting in and out all day.
99All Bark (And No Bite)That new manager threatened to fire me again, but I know he won't do it. He's all bark and no bite.
100The Be All And The End AllYou will have more and better jobs in your career. This company is not the be all and end all.